After the show is before the show, at least there are more nice shows coming up in October. And, as you know, I love teasing you. But before that, I would like to introduce you to a quartett, one fourth I got to know at the Electronic Circus last weekend. They are Erren, Fleißig, Schöttler and Steffen who took a week off in Ouddorp (NL) to simple record some music. And it got really well. Fine and modern Berlin School on Ouddorp Takes.

For the next event, well, there are a handful of tickets left. So, if you're quick, you get to hear very nice electronic music at the Radio Happy Event on October 6th. For example, by Rainbow Serpent and BatteryDead, where I have tracks from 8th Nerv and Sands of Deception, respectively.

The next major EM event, of course, is E-Live on October 27th in Oirschot. Two of their live acts on tonight's show: Gert Emmens and Ruud Heij, with a track from their album Blind Watchers of a Vanishing Night, and Bernd Kistenmacher, with one song from his Head-Visions. And, btw., Bernd will also be live on stage at November 24th, together with Din-A-Testbild.

Make sure you visit at least on of the coming events, as there is more to electronic music than what you get from your headphones. Enjoy your weekend!

(P.S.: Had to fix the upload, therefore you might have got this announcement before. You've my apologies.)

syndae - episode 191




- Uphill (Ultra)
Axess & Maxxess - Impact (Impact)


syndae is an independent podcast on electronic music of ambient, space, new age, harmonic, traditional, progressive, and rhythmic style, not directly including electronic dance music. The goal of syndae is to make aware of fine electronic music, by providing enjoyable episodes with well known and not yet well known artists from around the world, and to promote events of the electronic music scene, by dedicating episodes to selected artists of such an event. Host of the show is Stefan, an enthusiast of electronic music, who likes to spread the word and sound of synth.

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