Episode 247

Published: Friday, 21 February 2014
Pattern of sounds

Step by step, not only getting closer to spring, but building patterns in music. And when one talks about Berlin School, it often is the pure lust on sequences triggering our rhythmic moves. Tonight, plenty of such music. Our start is In Repelen, music from Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder and friends, who will be on stage again in... make a guess... Repelen on February 28th and May 1st. Then we follow Projekt Gamma & Erich Schauder on their Star Street. I will present a free compilation from the International Electronic Music Association by having three of the many tracks on the show, which are by Sayer, Loomeer, and Alluste. And finally, Tangram has some Lustbient stuff for us.


  • Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder Far From India 2009 In Repelen
  • Projekt Gamma & Erich Schauder The Mission Star Street
  • Sayer Helix Nebula IEMA Berlin School Compilation
  • Loomeer Asteroids Attack! IEMA Berlin School Compilation
  • Alluste Winds of Terror IEMA Berlin School Compilation
  • Tangram Venus Miracle Lustbient


Image: http://mrg.bz/daQVFA

Episode 246

Published: Friday, 14 February 2014
Bold and beatyful

Still windy all week long and my shutters are rattling in an awkward measure. As the wind proceeds, syndae takes up some speed tonight, nearly ready for the dance floor. Setting of with a classic, Voyageur by Enigma. Then continuing our ride with Sk'p and his Orpiclem. Taking a DeepStep after that with DeepDubing. Followed by moonbooter showing us that he is Still Alive. More hard tyres hit the road with Noston's Interstellar Cosmic Brotherood. Just before closing this episode with a Protozorq Remix by Weldroid. No need to stay in your chairs.

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Episode 245

Published: Friday, 07 February 2014

A quite stormy night over here, the more fitting tonight's set is to me, with quiet and easy motives. New stuff as well as recent albums on this show, starting with a fresh one by Cousin Silas named Prisoner of the Coral Deep. Great news from Austria, Stan Dart collaborating with Mark Dorricott on Midnight. A new Erik Wøllo out, too, which is Timelines. Kahvi at its best right after, Fixme by Reii. And a new label to syndae, Laverna released Network by Molven. A well known guest follows with Tangram and Contemplations. And the final treat is The Brink of Time by SiJ.

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Episode 244

Published: Friday, 31 January 2014

Taking up some speed and lots of positive energy tonight, sending you on a trip of sequences and beats for a while. We're booting up with moonbooter's new album Still Alive. Then it's time for Science with Projekt Gamma and Erich Schauder. Of course, the Radio Happy music compilation is up again, this time with tracks by Xan Alexander and Steve Smith & the Tylas Cyndrome. A little catching up, with the recent release Signal by Erez Yaary. And as closing treat, a single track by Bob Hedger aka Jah Buddha.

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Episode 243

Published: Friday, 24 January 2014

From what I can tell, 2014 will be another year with a lot of great new releases in electronic music. But, of course, we don't want to miss out recent releases over what's coming up. So we start with a piece of Utopia, the letest album by Bernd Kistenmacher. Like last year, Denovali will organize some festivals again, and to get a taste of what's up at Denovali, we have two tracks of their free Nordic Lake Sounds Vol. V compilation by Talvihorros and Origamibiro. A really cool release is due in a few weeks and we have a teaser on the show: Node 2 is announced and nearly ready to be shipped. More new stuff, the EP Pictures of an Indian Summer by Rewo, which unfortunatly is no longer available (you should ask Rene for it though). And we close the show with two more tracks from the Radio Happy Music compilation, go get it if you don't have it, which are by John Christian and Magnetron. Both also musical acts on the upcoming Radio Happy Event edition 2 this summer. Have a good ride.

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Episode 242

Published: Friday, 17 January 2014

To ittery to think straight? To exhausted from a workful week? Now, tonight's show may help, bringing to you fresh and new serene and ambient sounds by very talented artists. Starting beautiful with Beautyfear by Martin Jules. Then spending The Long Night with Steve Roach and Kelly David. Absorbing a fine excerpt from Phobos' One Moment Live. Afterwards letting Apollonius and 33 Tetragammon show off what makes a Compassionate Being. And letting The Cosmic Arc galvanise us and Feed Your Head. More tracks from the Radio Happy charity compilation close this episode with music by Owann, Antara, Cousin Silas, and Wolfgang Roth, Johan Tronestam and JampyKeys. Relax happily.

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Episode 241

Published: Friday, 10 January 2014

So this is 2014. Does not look much different, does it? Well, finally back with syndae and with a big bunch of new stuff on the playlist. The opener is the Radio Happy Music Compilation for Haiyan/Yolanda Victims, a charity album of which we have tracks by Farmacia, Ian C., Johan Tronestam, and Cosmic Project. Afterwards, we dive into Astravel by Sk'p giving us some beats onto the ears. We then take a look back on last year's Purespace compilation Volume 7 with a track by Candlegravity. And, of course, we have tracks from the new CoEx album named I am a Strange Loop. Music from his latest EP Dark Blue follows straight after. Finally, three tracks from the kahvi 2013 compilation with Max Waves, Polaski, and Acrilic Colors.

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Episode 240

Published: Friday, 13 December 2013

Tonight it's about closing the year already. Being busy with moving the next weeks, there will be no special for christmas either. And with this episode, I decided to present some of the highlights of 2013, at least they were to me. I hope you will enjoy the close to an hour show presenting music by David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, Tetarise, JampyKeys, René Splinter, Stan Dart, Stefan Erbe, BatteryDead, Sundown Cafe, Banco de Gaia, and Weldroid. Have a great time and fun in 2014.

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Episode 239

Published: Friday, 06 December 2013

We're currently expriencing a storm over here, bringing us thunder, lighting and the first snow for winter. A great opportunity to turn to the more calmer sides in electronic music tonight. We start with listening to The Sound of Space by Colin Blake. Followed by an excerpt of Bernhard Wöstheinrich being Live in Cologne. Two tracks by the Ambient Music Facebook Group from their November album, first by Eletrólise and second by Myristica. Then we have some Seconds by Kevin Lyons. We dive into Nano Life presented by EugeneKha, and then listen to The Joyful Shrieks of the Cherubim. As a follow up from last week, another track by ВИСО from Кома is due. And finally, we close with Sparkle in Grey's Todtnauberg.

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