We're currently expriencing a storm over here, bringing us thunder, lighting and the first snow for winter. A great opportunity to turn to the more calmer sides in electronic music tonight. We start with listening to The Sound of Space by Colin Blake. Followed by an excerpt of Bernhard Wöstheinrich being Live in Cologne. Two tracks by the Ambient Music Facebook Group from their November album, first by Eletrólise and second by Myristica. Then we have some Seconds by Kevin Lyons. We dive into Nano Life presented by EugeneKha, and then listen to The Joyful Shrieks of the Cherubim. As a follow up from last week, another track by ВИСО from Кома is due. And finally, we close with Sparkle in Grey's Todtnauberg.

Cherry picking from the borderline of electronic music, tonight we have a variety of styles to listen to and enjoy. We start with Konsumprodukt and his album Pura Sandunga. Then we get the final X from Pascal Vert. Just to get into Guff!!! by Longman. Iso:Forms right after, double track feature of the music by Mitoma. We will learn about the Abztrakte Maschine by Niko Kot. Afterwards, having back Nheap with his new album Flying and the Silence. We will definitely fall into Koma by ВИСО. And closing with Cellar Dwellar and a Monochrome Rainbow.

New releases don’t stop coming in this fall, and the starter of tonight’s show is one of them. Being released right this weekend, Cosmic Touch by Sequential Dreams is our featured front runner. Also new, water spending music on Hydrosphere by Divine Matrix. While we’re at it, the new release by Otarion, Out of Eden follows right in time. Thereafter, a new and free release from Phonocake: Chiquesalunga by Transient. That’s not all, as there is another recent album being published named Outer Limits by JampyKeys. And we are closing the show with a reminder on a festival in Belgium: the B-Wave festival on December 7. Three tracks from live acts by Ian Boddy, Nisus, and The Roswell Incident.

A plethora of new releases coming up this fall, and tonight we have three of those on the roster. The first is one of them, Orange Mood by Tetarise. Before we go on, enjoy an intermezzo by Bernd Kistenmacher, who is on tour starting this weekend. Picture Palace music with an intro by Depeche Mode, as the first not only tours with Bernd Kistenmacher, but does a Depeche Mode tribute concert next week. Then we are back with new releases, for once, the magnificent new album Found, closing the trilogy by David Helpling and Jon Jenkins. And finally, Sylvain Carel with his soon coming album Time and Tide.

Opening The Final Chapter tonight, that is the subtitle of upcoming album Spaceflight by Stan Dart. And you get quite a bunch of tracks of that album, while it contains many more. Furthermore, I have a track from Chronos and his Travelling Summer Tales. Then there is Yimino where The Tide Reveals Your Bones. And we also have Quantum Mechanics on todays playlist, presenting Waves, Fields & Particles.

Enjoying some final warm days during fall in Dortmund, this episode became a quiet one with ambience. We start in space with TM Solver and his new album Auscultare. Then we have Eons' For all we know. It's Persistance brought to us by Mathieu Lamontagne. And from the Midnight Radio Compilation you will get a track by Dieter Bornschlegel. Followed by Transcend in Time telling about When Emotions Fade. And closing with a Nightwave presented by SiJ and WMRI.

Hope you will have fun at E-Live this weekend. If not, join me over again on a new episode bringing to you all new tracks. Starting with a real highlight of this fall, the new Uwe Reckzeh album Virtual Minds. Younger than new, the soon coming album Spaceflight - The Final Chapter by Stan Dart is going to air. Then, Rudolf Heimann will send us Into the Unknown. Despite his name, Radio Silence will bring fine sounds to us from his album Don't Break into Our Dreams. And right after, we join the Grand Prix with Berlin own Mythos. Last but not least, a collaboration from France will sound the show's good bye; Olivier Briand and Bertrand Loreau presenting Inferences.

An episode full of new and exciting music awaits you tonight. Starting with the magnificent Shades from BatteryDead. We then take a listen to Robert Schroeder and his Ferro Oxid. Afterwards asking Who's Loving You by Tony Carbone. You will further get an impression of Pictures by Faber. And Banco de Gaia amazes again with Ollopa (Apollo remixed). Closing this show with another fine album, Nighttrain by Harald Nies.

It's the fall of EM events for sure, and the fall is here, dear friends in music. But before I have a pile of reminders for upcoming events, we start with an album premiere tonight. It's by the magnificent Sundown Cafe, I recently introduced to syndae, and now there comes Close to Your Heart. Of course, in a double track pack. After the treat, we go over to Michael Rother and his Harmonia playing up for the Electronic Circus. Then we have Norman Fay to shed some light onto the Awakenings all-dayer. And finally, E-Live will be promoted for by ARC, F.D.Project, and ViTaL.

Correction: E-Live is on October 19th, not 25th. Sorry for the confusion.

The show you've been waiting for the whole week, I hope. And you will get a beauty of an episode tonight. We're starting out with W.O.S.P. and his brand new album Trips to the Planets. Not stopping here, but getting a fresh released Rollin Ballads by Gastón Arévalo. More just released music by Bernd Scholl & Rüdiger Gleisberg's Island Peak. And one can surely still feel the print-warmth of We are Infinite by Neal Gardner. Then there is that cool new compilation Possibilities of Circumstance, where of we indulge Steve Roach and Larry Fast / Synergy. And not to miss out the Interpretations done by Telegraphy. And finally, Heiki takes us to the Sauna Porch.

Right, more events for this fall, still. But before going on to another two EM festivals, we have the brand new album by Darshan Ambient on the playlist. And two more fresh albums, first a club sampler where we have the contribution by Synth.nl. And second the summer relase by Marek Kwiatkowski. A quadruple of tracks then to present the diversity of the Denovali Swingfest, having Aun, Saffronkeira, Piano Interrupted, and Sankt Otten. And, of course, there will be the E-Live festival, represented tonight by ViTaL, who are Michael Shipway, Steve Smith, Lamp, and Tylas Cyndrome.

More cool festivals coming up, so this show is filled with lots of their artists. But first, we have some brand new cool stuff: Planet Boelex and his new EP Exist. Then we go for the Raumzeit Festival with Stefan Erbe and his Method. Another sparkling event in Hamburg with Matzumi's Sometimes. Of course, the Electronic Circus represented tonight by Vile Electrodes. And finally the Awakenings all-dayer over in Britain, where you get Andy Pickford, Stefan Erbe, Ideation, and Phobos on tonight's edition.


syndae is an independent podcast on electronic music of ambient, space, new age, harmonic, traditional, progressive, and rhythmic style, not directly including electronic dance music. The goal of syndae is to make aware of fine electronic music, by providing enjoyable episodes with well known and not yet well known artists from around the world, and to promote events of the electronic music scene, by dedicating episodes to selected artists of such an event. Host of the show is Stefan, an enthusiast of electronic music, who likes to spread the word and sound of synth.

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