Sixth episode with lots of goodies. And, for the last time, music related to the upcoming annual E-Live.

On today's show: Ian Boddy and Bernhard Wöstheinrich, Carboneids, Broehuis/Keller/Schönwälder, Kees Aerts, Dutch Space Mission.

  • Ian Boddy and Bernhard Wöstheinrich (excerpt from pre-recordings for Planetarium Bochum)
  • Carboneids - Digital Landscapes (Synthsyg)
  • Bas Broekhuis, Detlef Keller and Mario Schönwälder - Lanes of the Lord (2008) (Live @ Dorfkirche Repelen)
  • Kees Aerts - A New Challenge (If one door closes)
  • Dutch Space Mission - (medley of pre-recordings for E-Live)


  • Oct. 11th - E-Live in Eindhoven



syndae is an independent podcast on electronic music of ambient, space, new age, harmonic, traditional, progressive, and rhythmic style, not directly including electronic dance music. The goal of syndae is to make aware of fine electronic music, by providing enjoyable episodes with well known and not yet well known artists from around the world, and to promote events of the electronic music scene, by dedicating episodes to selected artists of such an event. Host of the show is Stefan, an enthusiast of electronic music, who likes to spread the word and sound of synth.

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